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Week of Wedding Tips

With so much planning leading up to the wedding day, some simple yet important tasks can easily be forgotten. Here is our 5-item check list to make sure you don’t forget finishing touches or leave something undone, the week of your wedding.

  1. Does your venue have all of your final numbers? 10 days prior to your wedding, we require all final guest counts and meal choices to ensure that everyone is accounted for and that you can double and triple check counts for favors, seating charts, etc.
  2. Confirm reservations with hotels and for your rehearsal dinner meal- Our Azalea Room is the perfect space to host your rehearsal dinner especially after doing an on-site ceremony rehearsal. Confirming with our events coordinator all of the final details of the rehearsal is important for whoever may be hosting, such as parents or the bride and groom themselves. Confirming hotel reservations, the week of will help with bringing peace of mind to anyone with accommodations and check in times will often dictate the timing of ceremony rehearsals as well.
  3. Pack an emergency bag- Our on-site bridal suite is the perfect place to get ready and decompress on your big day. No bride should ever travel without an emergency kit for those small “uh oh’s” on their big day! Everything from a sewing kit to double sided tap should be stored in the bag and brought with other important items to the venue.
  4. Pick up (and try on) all tuxes and dresses- Have all bridesmaids and groomsmen immediately try on dresses, tuxes and shoes. If something was measured incorrectly and is caught in time, items can be exchanged so no one is scrambling the day of the wedding.
  5. Make sure all of your bridal party and parents have a timeline of the night before and day of events- Designate a bridal party member to be in charge of letting everyone know important times such as rehearsal time and hair appointment times, along with a timeline laying out the sequence of events of the wedding day.

At our full service venue, we do have readily available amenities for our couples and our on-site certified wedding coordinator is happy to help with any week of wedding questions you may have!