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Who gets the invite? Wedding Guests Lists Made Simple

Who to invite to your wedding can be as simple as immediate family and as complex as coworkers and spouses. So, who do you invite? First and foremost, begin by consulting your budget and consider each person as a dollar amount, making sure you have enough room within your budget to invite everyone you’d like to. Starting with your immediate family including siblings, grandparents and godparents and your in-laws to be, and working your way through aunts, uncles, first cousins, bridal party and their significant others, seeing where this number leaves you. If you have room for more guests, you can continue through any additional family members and friends then lastly, coworkers and friends of parents. When compiling your guest list, not all these guests are necessary but will be dependent upon your budget and who you deem necessary to be there.

Friends, coworkers and family friends- this group of guests needs its own consideration for a few reasons. Family friends may be people who are friends of your in-laws that you have only met once, or can be lifelong friends who are like family, as well as personal friends. Have you been friends since childhood, or did you just meet because of a similar hobby? As for coworkers, this group of guests can be quite the gray area, some brides and grooms will run into a situation where you invite one person then you must invite all of them. If you are tossing around the idea of coworkers, it can be easier to keep them to those you have worked with the longest and created a bond or exclude them in order to avoid any awkward situations. All groups of guests should be thought about carefully regarding your budget and can always be edited or added to depending upon your wedding time frame.

Our Bliss Ballroom can accommodate up to as many as 275 guests comfortably or if you are looking for a smaller, more intimate wedding we also host weddings as small as 50 guests. Every guest list, all sizes, are special and tailored to the bride and groom, their budget and who they want to be surrounded by when they say their I do’s!